It’s simple story about our rather lengthy but romantic name. Burbelmaiers is quite literally the marriage Pete Burbela and Courtney Maier (now Burbela). Years ago in an email about a brainstorming session for a small-town savoury pie shop, Burbela/Maier was mistyped as BurbelMaiers, and the rest is history.

Burbelmaiers is our dream come true, and we didn’t get here alone.  We want to acknowledge just a few of the people who have been instrumental in helping us make Burbelmaiers happen.


A guttural shout out from the deepest crevice of our hearts to a small group of people who have been unwavering in their love and support in every way, shape and form.  Thank you for starting this journey with us and for providing us everything we needed, when we needed it.  Burbelmaiers is because of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ann and Gus Maier
  • Nestor Burbela
  • Brigid Siegel and Rona Bernadette
  • Mike Signoriello
  • Maureen Costello and Scooter McCrae
  • Mike, Alice, and Maddie Polanski
  • Kendall Blythe
  • Richard and Grace Krivonozka 
  • Rich Biletta
  • Steve Warnek
  • Kristin and Randy Walker
  • Beth Ann Brozo
  • Laine Conklin
  • Elix Granda


Mason Scherzer, thank you for your time, your talent, your generosity, and mostly - thank you for your unwavering playfulness and commitment to getting all of our graphics together.  You ROCK.

Steve Funaro, the Burbelmaiers logo and concept work was the best wedding present ever!!!  Thank you for cleaning us up and turning it out!

Stephan Peters, thank you for embracing Courtney’s typo and coming up with our wonderful, mouth-full of a name!

Tamara Rafkin, we know that your time is always best-spent making your fine art photography, thank you for graciously photographing our shop and our products so that the world can see what we are up to.


There just isn’t a better spot to be in than Ocean Grove, NJ.  Thank you for welcoming us with open arms, encouraging words, and your wisdom!  We are so excited to be a comfortable place for everyone in Ocean grove to gather, eat and commune.